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 zzzzZZZZ Zombie Survival Guide! PART I ZZZZzzzz

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A~O luno87

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PostSubject: zzzzZZZZ Zombie Survival Guide! PART I ZZZZzzzz   Tue Jul 03, 2012 10:33 pm

pArT I: The shit has definitely hit the fandango

Zombie apocalypse. Even if you have spent a lifetime of prepping for this very occasion when it is finally at your feet you will SHIT A BRICK I guarantee it. No amount of Ray Mears survival books you have read or MW3 you have played is going to help you now, this is man vs zombie and that’s the hard facts. As time ticks on, if you are still alive things are going to get tough, real tough and you better be ready.

Part one is all about coming to the realisation that brain eating, undead, manky ass looking people with there faces half hanging off are going to want to eat you and coming to the understanding that there is two options, End it all now or fight to survive.

For the purpose of this forum we are going to pick option 2, survive. In Part II we will be onto getting equipped, where to go and what u need.

See u soon and please………. stay alive!

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zzzzZZZZ Zombie Survival Guide! PART I ZZZZzzzz

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