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 Rule enforcement

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PostSubject: Rule enforcement   Wed Jun 27, 2012 2:12 am

We have a new system of punishments, since there seems to be a hell of a lot of rule breaking lately. There's no leanancy in this, and if you don't have VIP then the ban is your option. There is no wiggling your way out of these. If camper or I agree you fit into one of these tiers, you will be delt the punishment. Everyone is going to start with a cleanish slate, but if even after this I get a lot of meaningless posts and such, you will be kicked.

Tier 1:
Acts that fall under this tier: Posting Multiple meaning less comments. Getting a strike from an admin. Annoying the fuck out of Sloan. Changing your name to inappropriate things. Posting about something that has already been posted in another thread a few times. Talking back to a mod
Punishment for this tier: 1 week suspension of VIP, possibly a 1 or 2 day ban.

Tier 2:
Acts that fall under this tier: A majority of your posts are meaningless. Getting 2 strike from an admin. Posting lots of threads that have already been made. constantly changing your name to inappropriate things. Annoying the fuck out of everyone. Being a dumbass.
Punishment for this tier: 2-3 week suspension from VIP, possibly 1-2 week ban.

Tier 3:
Acts that fall under this tier: Basically all your posts are meaningless. 3 strikes from an admin. Your name is never appropriate. No body likes you. Almost every post is a repost.
Punishment for this tier: Perma-ban from VIP and possibly a permaban from the forum, and a possible kick from the clan.
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Rule enforcement

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